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More About Our Planed Timber Products

Planed Hardwood

Alsford offer a range of both planed meranti and planed oak hardwood for your next project.

Planed Meranti Hardwood

Are you working on custom-made furniture, some general joinery, or looking to complete some light construction? You should consider our high-quality Meranti hardwood. It is sourced from either Indonesia or Malaysia, available in various sizes with a subtle shade of red colouring.

Planed Oak Timber

If you prefer something a little more traditional, why not consider our American White Oak hardwood. Our planed oak is sourced from Eastern North America and has a light colouring with a very hard and heavy feel. It is available in a variety of different sizes and is suitable for numerous internal joinery applications.

Planed Softwood

Here at Alsford, we offer planed softwood timber in three quality grades; Premier Grade, Standard Grade, and Contract Grade. These three grades offer different standards of timber quality to fit your budget and achieve the desired results for each project.

Premier Grade planed softwood is, as the name suggests, the best quality planed softwood timber, it is made from the highest quality redwood, is virtually knotless, and requires minimal finishing preparation. It is ideal for high-end furnishings and luxury interiors.

Standard Grade planed softwood is made from high-quality redwood, with a consistent standard of manufacture and no end defects. It is ideal for first-fix projects and general interior and exterior building work.

Contract Grade planed softwood is made from saw falling grade whitewood, with minimal wane and more knots than Premier and Standard grade timber. It is ideal for large commercial projects where quantity is prized over quality, and for packaging material and pallets.

If you are unsure which is best for your project, get in touch and we can assist you!