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More About Our Energy Essentials Products

Prepare your home for winter and make it more energy efficient with our Energy Essential products. Simple and small changes to your home can make a big difference.


Preventing draughts is essential to making your home more energy efficient and keeping that warmth inside. 25% of all heat lost in a typical home is through the loft area. By adding spacesaver insulation to your loft areas you can prevent heat loss.

Fillers & Foams

Fill cracks and gaps around your windows where heat can be lost and repair them with expanding foams and water-based latex fillers will ensure that you are not losing heat unnecessarily.

Hot Water Tanks

Getting a hot water tank jacket can prevent heat loss when the water is sitting in the tank, and using pipe insulation will help to prevent heat loss and extra energy usage when the hot water is moving throughout your home.


Radiators placed on exterior walls or below windows lose more heat than those on interior walls. In order to reduce the heat lost, apply a radiator heat reflector foil sheets to redirect the heat back into the room.