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More About Our Chipboard Products

Chipboard, also known as particleboard, is an engineered wood product (EWP) made from small compressed pieces of wood. Due to the way it is produced it has several benefits:

  • Low-cost and strong
  • Versatile
  • Environmentally-friendly

A low-cost and green alternative

Using discarded pieces of cut wood and other fibres in its production helps to keep costs low which are transferred to the end-user. Chipboard is, therefore, a more economic alternative to solid wood. This use of recycled material makes it more environmentally-friendly than other alternatives and also means fewer trees need to be chopped down when people choose chipboard over solid wood.

Strong and versatile with many guises

The fragments of wood are tightly compressed and bound, making the chipboard strong, sturdy, and able to hold its shape under pressure. The likelihood of weak spots is also diminished due to the way the wood chips are evenly distributed and compressed throughout the finished material. Chipboard is also highly versatile, allowing a wide variety of finishes and an ability to emulate any type of wood without showing defects or knots.

Because of these benefits, chipboard has a vast range of uses including flooring, furniture production and kitchen units. As well as our flooring grade chipboard, we stock melamine chipboard in a wide selection of sizes to suit your needs. This type of chipboard, also known as a conti-board, has a melamine covering that gives added strength and prevents warping or splitting. In our accessories section, you will find items to give the finishing touches to your chipboard such as adhesives, edging strips and tapes.