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More About Our OSB Products

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a type of engineered wood similar to chipboard. It is made by adding adhesive to layers of wood strands that are then tightly compressed. This makes it extremely sturdy and a stronger alternative to plywood.

OSB2 vs OSB3

All our Oriented Strand Boards are categorised as OSB3. This means that they are classed as ‘load-bearing boards for use in humid-conditions’, as opposed to the less versatile OSB2 which is non-load bearing and only suitable for dry conditions. OSB3 is commonly used for flooring, roofing and sheathing.

Tongue and Groove Oriented Strand Boards

We also supply OSB3 Tongue and Groove (T&G) like all our Oriented Strand Boards, our T&G boards are precision engineered and moisture resistant so no delamination issues as you may get with Plywood. Its tongue and groove makes it easy to fit into place alongside other T&G boards and is, therefore, ideal for use as flooring.

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For complete peace of mind, all our boards have full chain of custody certification. If you are unsure which of our sheet materials to use for your project, then get in touch with our team today who can answer any questions you have.