Why it Pays to Buy your Fixings From a Timber & Builder’s Merchant

When you’re looking to purchase timber, the obvious place to look is a timber & builder’s merchant. There’s an assurance of quality that comes from knowing your timber was sourced and treated by the best in the game. But for fixings, many of us take a step back, and don’t always associate fixings with a merchants.

By sourcing your fixings from the same timber & builder’s merchant that you use for your building materials, you can bundle your order and get started straight away. Read on for the best reasons to buy your fixings from a timber & builder’s merchant with this guide.


Enjoy a higher quality of goods

No one wants an impressive building project to be let down by low-quality fixings.

And, while many of us regularly enjoy high-quality timber like Alsford offers, fixings can sometimes seem like an afterthought to pick up. However, they’re just as essential to the build, and poor fixings won’t stand up to wear in the long run. Alsford works with respected brand names like Timco, Reisser, Spax, Royd, and OSC and only stocks the best of the best — timber and fixings alike. Timco offers a range of brick and block fixings, while OSC offers a range of decking and flooring screws, and Reisser, Spax and Royd supply a range of timber screws


Get started immediately with bundled orders

Timber & builder’s merchants have become a one-stop-shop for DIY enthusiasts. Not only do you have access to high-quality timber and building materials, but you can also get your hands on the best fixings around.

Order timber and all the fixings from one place for a single delivery that allows you to get started straight away. No more delaying a building project because you’re still waiting on various orders to come through. Instead, plan for a single day delivery, and have everything turn up at the same time.

This can also save you money on delivery. With minimum order values rising with the cost of fuel ever increasing, rather than paying an extra fee on every separate order, you can bundle it all into one merchant order and cut costs. A single order ensures you can keep track of everything you need, what it’s costing you, and when it’s going to turn up.


Access to the best advice

A trip to the local builder's merchants isn’t just about picking up what you need for your latest building project. It’s also an opportunity to engage in discussion, receive advice, and leave in a more informed place to get straight to work.

By choosing your fixings from a timber & builder’s merchant like Alsford, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best choice for your required usage. You don’t have to worry about whether you’ve picked the right braces for your joists, or the wrong screws for the application. A merchants can guide you on every choice, giving you peace of mind and another great way to cut costs. By receiving expert advice during this early stage, you won’t need to make last-minute changes because the fixings just aren’t right for your project and materials.


Superior fixings for a superior build

Timber merchants can supply quality fixings that, combined with expert advice, can ensure a long-lasting build.

And as you can bundle everything into one order, it saves both time and money, not to mention stress.


To find the perfect fixings for your needs, contact Alsford.


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